Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twisp river 60k fun run

Ok, Ok I've been really bad at updating my blog. Here's a link to James's Blog with some great pictures from our run.

Friday, May 15, 2009

60k Weekend in Twisp

Heading over on Saturday for a Fun run weekend east of the Cascades. James Varner is hosting a 60k fun run in Twisp that is sure to be a blast ( of 80 degree weather ) I was initially planning to stay home this weekend but Barbara who's never ran over 50k invited me to accompany her on her voyage beyond the 50k so how could I resist.

Oh and by the way despite the photo above it's spring in the northwest and the snow has melted off of Stewart mtn.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trail work on galbarith / Scouting begins on stewart mtn

this last Saturday I joined the Lynden Boy scouts on Galbraith mtn for a day of sign hanging. My official job was to ride along and make sure all the trail signs got placed on the right trails facing the correct direction. it was a tough job but someone had to do it. So thanks to the boy scouts there are now 30 new trail signs up on Galbarith to help you find you way. From what I over heard there is also a new 09 trail map just making it's way to the local stores. so now you can't use the excuse I was lost up on Galbarith.

Sunday I made a quick 2.5 hr trip up to Stewart mtn from the Y rd parking lot. the first snow free run I've done up there this year. The day was a little overcast but amazingly Mt. Baker and the twin sisters were in full view. Every time I make the trip to the top I get a renewed interest in hosting a 100 mile ultra up there. Now if I can get my act together maybe 2010 will be the first annual Stewart mtn 100 mile endurance run.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I haven't been able to find the charger for my camera and a fast computer to upload pictures is hard to come by.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lookout Glory trail fun run

The Lookout Glory trail run was thought up by Morris Arthur who had the idea to take the city bus out to sudden valley ( the far side of lookout Mtn.) then run up and over lookout Mtn. down the glory trail over to Galbraith and finally down through lake padden and back to fairhaven covering about 18 miles. The theory was that we would arrive at the towers around 7:00pm and enjoy a spring sunset on the run down. Enjoyment was had but the sunset was a wet one. the participants for this run were Morris, Ron, Amites, Barbara and I.

the story begins on the way to fairhaven when while driving I saw Ron driving the opposite direction. I just thought he was driving home before the run and didn't think anything of it. I continue on my way to Barbara's where we had planned to meet up and run to fairhaven to catch the bus. As Barby and I run down fairhaven parkway we see Ron in his smiley Doorman van driving towards us and in the opposite direction. He pulled over and we jumped in since we where thinking we were late for the bus. we turn around and head for the bus stop. On the way Ron fills us in on his backward driving. He tells us he had already been at the bus stop at 4 something and didn't see anyone. he was on his way home to check his email again when his saw me drive by then turned around and followed me back to fairhaven. I guess he didn't get the last email that stated we were catching the bus at 5:22

No harm done so we head to the bus stop where we meet up with Amites and take the bus to the bus station. We meet up with Morris who was anxiously waiting for us and jump on the 512 headed to sudden valley. the rain so far was holding off but the forecast was calling for a spring storm with plenty of rain and wind.

on the ride out we chat with the other riders about our little "fun run" as Barbara tries to convince everyone that we're doing a loop and not a one way? we arrive at the bus stop ( which happens to stop right at the logging road we are running ) at 6:10pm. We head up the road noting that it felt much easier to run up since we didn't have to run over Galbraith first as we usually do. It's a fairly unforgiving hour climb up to the broadcast towers. Of course as the tower came into sight the wind kicks up and the rain started it's assault. it just wouldn't be a good lookout run if there wasn't some bad weather to fight through. The rain really isn't so bad compared to the miles of knee deep wet snow we've battled through on prior runs.

with the wind howling through the towers above and the rain continuing it's mission to soak through every piece of clothing we face south to Alamo, CA and shout out to our temporarily relocated trail running partner " Where are you Chuck?" To which we hear no reply. Then make our way down the Glory trail and head towards Galbraith. Yes it's raining and I'm losing feeling in my fingers but I couldn't think of one other thing I'd rather be doing on a Monday afternoon then be out here running in the mtns. with this group of brave adventure runners.

On the scramble up to Galbraith the wind was whipping the rain so hard we're all covering our ears from the pelting rain. Finally making it up onto the trail. We're now on a down hill course to Fairhaven still a good 6 miles away. the sky heavy with clouds continues to darken and as we head into the woods the lights are turned off. I yell back to Barby "don't worry your eyes will adjust" after hearing her gasp at the darkness. Ron and Morris Being veterans of the wed. night runs are right at home in the dark, Amites on the other hand still hasn't got the hang of it. between the five of us somehow we ended up bringing only 3 lights so we just keep them off and enjoy the dark Forrest single track.

Now down on Galbraith lane we joke about who's got a car waiting in the parking lot ( which is where we usually park to run Galbarith ) and how much a beer and a couch would feel a whole lot better then running in the poring rain. No such luck was to be had. As we run across the parking lot towards the padden trail head we look back to see Amites sprinting down the road? we yell out "come on run with us" to which we get no reply not even a missed step. He'd decided to run the road home instead of the trails. So now it's just the four of us that head off into the dark of the padden trails running by braille, still opting to keep the lights off and run as if we had no choice. We make our way around lake padden in almost complete darkness rain drenching us to the core. we're all starting to feel the soreness take over but at the same time are congratulating each other on a good run. I think to my self how epic of a run this is as we have now been running in the rain and total darkness for over an hour and still have a few miles to go. This is the kind of afternoon adventure I live for. We Make it down to fairhaven parkway just a little over 3hs after stepping off the bus. the rain pounding even harder now as we shake hands, give hi fives and head for shelter. Morris takes the prize for farthest traveled since he opts to run and bike the rest of the way home. looks like there will have to be a second round of the eco friendly glory run. Next time we'll pick a sunnier day or will we?